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  • One Life

    One Life


    1h 50m   |   Biography, Drama

    Follows British humanitarian Nicholas Winton, who helped save hundreds of Central European children from the Nazis on the eve of World War II.

    Opens March 15

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  • Wicked Little Letters

    Wicked Little Letters


    1h 42m   |   Mystery, Comedy

    When people in Littlehampton — including conservative local Edith — begin to receive letters full of hilarious profanities, rowdy Irish migrant Rose is charged with the crime. Suspecting that something is amiss, the town's women investigate.

    Opens April 5

  • Against All Enemies

    Against All Enemies


    1h 44m   |   Documentary

    Against All Enemies explores the roots of political radicalization and its impact on democracy. Going deepinside violent extremist groups in America, with members of the Proud Boys, 3 Percenters and the OathKeepers we learn that they are organized and led by highly-trained, highly-motivated military veterans –posing a great threat to the United States today. And while most veterans are successful in their transitionto civilian life, after the longest wars in our nation’s history an increasingly radicalized element has beendrawn into the insurrectionist movement. Against All Enemies is a powerful film that encourages us toconsider our responsibility and how we can safeguard our democratic systems and prevent the spread ofextremist ideologies.

    Opens April 6

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  • Dreaming Of A Free Press

    Dreaming Of A Free Press


    10m   |   Documentary

    SHOWN with "Against All Enemies".

    A free and responsible press is the cornerstone of a strong and healthy democracy, but global declines in press freedom demonstrate that it remains a fragile institution. ‘Dreaming of a Free Press’ examines the state of journalism from the perspective of emerging Tunisian and American journalists, who represent the future of the field.

    Opens April 6

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  • The Palmnicken Tragedy

    The Palmnicken Tragedy


    89m   |   Documentary

    On the night of January 31, 1945, in the town of Palmnicken in East Prussia, Nazis shot on the seashore about 3,000 prisonersof the Stutthof concentration camp, mostly women and teenage girls.The advancing Soviet troops reached the execution site just one day after the execution.Three main characters of the film – Martin Bergau who was a member of the Hitler Youth in February1945; Gunter Nitsch,an American writer of German descent; and Simcha Koplowicz, a descendant of the surviving prisonerSheva Koplowicz – are recalling this story before our eyes.

    Opens April 7

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  • Am I Not My Brother's Keeper

    Am I Not My Brother's Keeper


    30m   |   Documentary

    SHOWN with "The Palmnicken Tragedy".

    After a tough battle with the Russian army, a Ukrainian special forces soldier is rescued by a man of
    Bulgarian origin, but then faces serious resistance from the local community.

    Opens April 7

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  • Patrick and the Whale

    Patrick and the Whale


    73m   |   Documentary

    This film follows Patrick Dykstra’s personal journey and explores the psychology of a man who has
    sacrificed everything in his single-minded quest to connect with and understand one of the biggest
    creatures in the ocean. Devoting years to following these mammals, we share his experiences through
    his stunning underwater footage as he explores their nature, their intelligence, and their complexity.

    Opens April 13

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  • Pete



    7m   |   Animation

    SHOWN with "Two Lives In Pittsburgh".

    Pete is a short film about gender identity, Little League Baseball, the people who inspire change by tryingto be themselves, and the superheroes who allow that change to happen.

    Opens April 14

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  • Two Lives In Pittsburgh

    Two Lives In Pittsburgh


    1h 31m   |   Drama

    A working-class Pittsburgher and his dying mother confront their understanding of themselves and their biases as they help the eight-year-old child they are raising embrace her true self.

    Opens April 14

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